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Not Silent Symphonia related, but a doodle I did for a medieval rp I’m in…

Zelos and Sheena would not get too far, a loud boom echoed through the sky: thunder.

Sheena screamed and collapsed on the floor, her hands grasping frantically at her head as Zelos jumped in place, startled at the sudden freak storm. He turned around and knelt down, putting his arms around his friend protectively as he looked around confused "We’re fine, we’re indoors. It’ll pass-" before Zelos could finish his sentence, thunder struck again; his wings forced themselves out from his back, appearing in a bright flash of light. With a grimace, he managed to open one eye and chuckle 'Well, there's plenty of energy in the air tonight, isn't there?' Zelos thought as he dragged Sheena over to sit against the wall, the small woman shaking violently as she clung on to him as if her life depended on it.

While keeping one hand on Sheena’s back to give her some slim amount of comfort, the other went to his sword, freeing it slightly from its sheath as his hand rested lightly on the weapon’s hilt. He took a moment to force his wings to vanish as he could hear the air humming with vicious energy. The noble frowned as he tightened his arm around the dark haired girl, as she tried frantically to somehow use him to hide away from the storm, of course, this was pointless.

Zelos’ attention was soon pried away from the storm as he felt tears beginning to fall on him, he looked down to see Sheena in the midst of a panic attack. He couldn’t do much about it, besides rub the arm his hand was resting on and hoping for the best, and so he did. Whatever made this sudden storm appear, it wasn’t natural, the color of the lightning was a harsh red, and the energy in the air… it didn’t add up.

"This isn’t normal." Zelos growled as he took off the coat and draped it over Sheena, scooping her up in his arms and walking towards the exit of the castle, they had to at least get home.

"S-stop it, no, n-not out there….it’s going to eat us…it’s go-going to k-kill everyone…I-It f-found m-me, g-get away from me!" Sheena shrieked against his chest, clinging like a child as Zelos moved the coat to cover her face, he’d have to get out of here…even if it meant flying.

No, that would have to be last resort. Making sure that Sheena wouldn’t slip out of his arms, he began to run.

'Don't go outside!' pleaded his instincts, trying to freeze him to the spot, but he ignored it and instead rushed past people as his wings tried again to force themselves out with the excess energy sparking in the air. People were in a panic, and the “storm” was worse outside, people were running madly in all directions, nearly once or twice making Zelos nearly drop the woman he was carrying. His back was beginning to feel as if it were put in boiling water, the gem hidden beneath his clothing, that rested on his chest, glowing brightly.

He wanted to let the glowing lights that made up his wings free, but…too many people. No one could know of that stupid “gift.” This is one of those moments that Zelos dreaded being sensitive to magic.

It didn’t take him long to run past some people that weren’t running like everyone else had been, he glanced quickly as he saw that one man was….FLOATING!? Well, there was the source of all this energy, but what did he do? Sheena was in the middle of a full out panic attack, and being outside wasn’t a good idea. Hell, he had already stopped dead in his tracks…so…

Zelos gathered himself enough to summon his voice "Hey, blondie! Cut the lightshow!!! You’re scaring people!” This wasn’t…normal.

Couldn’t they all have just ONE day of peace around here?

They’re like… BFF’/Bros (nothing more…yet…maybe) in this rp, and some weird guy caused a freak storm to pop up….and like they were at a vigil before….and yeah…shit happened :U

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