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Current Alignment: Neutral Good
Tracking: silentsymphonia
「」=Mun talking (rare)
『』= Mun thinking (rare)
TRACK NAME: Spirit Temple
ARTIST: 近藤 浩治


The grief of a serpentine spirit cries to my heart through this lament of the deserts… “Freedom… My freedom…was taken away… I wish to escape…but…they…trapped…me…here…”

psa on formatting;; i don’t give a frick frack didily dack paddy whack what sort of formatting you use when we write together, whether you’ve got fancy shit up the wazoo, or whether it’s just straight up plain. however i style my own is simply a personal choice, because i enjoy writing that certain way. never feel the need to do the same, or to tart up your own style. you’re all precious unicorns in my humble opinion, so just spread the love       !! peace, bruh.

Pfft I saw your anon and this is the first thing I thought of.
There you go Zelos. For your foxy self~

"If I wear that, I’ll sound like some kinda creep."



"You’re not touching him. PERIOD. Now scram before I want to claw your eyes out."

(Zelos sweetie calm down. YOU TOO DATA! *scratches zelos’s head then behind his ears to calm him down*)

"Fine, you killjoy. Not like getting my eyes clawed out will do much, though."

"Alright, alright; I’m calm. I still can’t shake the uneasy feeling, though."

Anonymous whispered:
Zelos bby you don't need to turn into a fox. You're already pretty foxy to begin with *winks*

"Heh, maybe I haven’t entirely lost that part of me to that wannabe!"

"Don’t flatter yourself, you imbecile."



"You would be stuck as a furry with him you dumb ass scratching post."

(Don’t listen to him Zelos! *hugs him tightly*)

"Oh come on, I’ve been practicing! I can make some real crazy stuff happen! Just gimme back my ‘home’, and we’ll be set! … Or at least let me tear the Cruxis Crystal right off of him. No big loss!"

"Easy for you to say, you son of a-"

"MANNERS, you stupid animal."

finickyplotbunnies replied to your post “People are getting M!A’d into those robot animal freaks. They better…”

He should turn into foxy

"Excellent idea! Maybe I’ll finally be back in control, too! That would be fun, right, Zelos~?"

"You stay the hell away from me, and keep that stupid attitude with you too."

"Whatever you say~! I bet it will be fun! <3"

sshhh Zelos it’s ok. *hugs his head and pets his hair* No one shall do that to you. NO ONE.

"I dunno, it sounds like a GREAT idea to me. Maybe he’d look great in that fox suit, it’s red like his hair."


noxtenshi replied to your post “Sorry I’ve been generally quiet, I’ve been watching all this crap…”

"That all sounds rather familiar as well… Discrimination. It’s everywhere. And it utterly disgusts me." { It just seems to be getting worse with each passing day, huh? I’m so mad }

"Not much we can’t do about it, either. Here I was hoping all that stuff was just from Tethe’alla. Guess I was wrong."

((yeah I’m hearing so many horror stories from over there :/ I wish there were ways to help out))

"People are getting M!A’d into those robot animal freaks. They better stay the hell away from me, maybe it’s infectious… Look at those things!"

"I haven’t had nightmares in a while, don’t let em’ start back up!"

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"Sorry I’ve been generally quiet, I’ve been watching all this crap over at that ‘Ferguson’ place with my mun. Not her fault, I’ve been generally quiet since all this started."

"This is almost as bad as the whole deal with half-elves, hell even between some people hating on each other between Sylvarant and Tethe’alla. I don’t technically exist in mun’s realm, but things sure seem pretty similar sometimes."

"The people that are meant to be protecting everyone are the ones harassing the poorer civilians, that sounds all too familiar."


Have a good night all.





I’m a huge horror geek and SH fan, and this is just way too much awesome for one game.