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"I think everyone just got some spiked drinks…"



He doesn’t like the modern age anymore.

"Eh, nothing new on my end of the world, but then again, I’d love to know what everyone was doing living the life  I do. Eh, could be a Grey-Face rampage. You better pray it ain’t contagious!"



He took a break of around 20 minutes and now apparently pregnancies are occurring all over the place.

Is this the modern age?

"I think everyone just got some spiked drinks…"



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do you ever see someone loving on ur fav character and ur like

u have good taste but

they’re mine


Video game store makes the most of their broken shutters. [x]



Zelos: She’s really my half-sister. She’s nothing like me: she’s a well-raised little lady. And on top of that, she’s both intelligent and skilled in martial arts.

Lloyd: That’s hard to believe.

Regal: No, I’ve heard of Seles as well. If she hadn’t entered the Abbey, she would have been the star of high society.

I will never not love the implication in this scene that to be a good proper lady in Tethe’allan society, one should be skilled at killing things with your bare hands. 

Am I the only one, when roleplaying, that has this slight paranoia thinking that the person might not like roleplaying with me or might be annoyed with me

"Time for some changes."



I’m serious when I say you guys have some really creative ocs. Weapons, combat gear, semblance, the works man. Nice designs, nice development.

Daaaaang those are ocs.

You guys are great.


Birds of a Feather… ( “Event” RP w/ Mimi (noxtenshi) )



{ღ};; The angel continued to follow in silence, green eyes taking in the scenery of her surroundings as she did so. It was certainly an upscale place—nothing that she was used to. Sure, her social position at home was rather high, but her family was still treated and lived in a lower stature. It felt somewhat uncomfortable to be in such an area, especially given her experiences with people from the upper classes. Still, she was with Zelos. That meant that nothing bad would happen…right?

She blinked as the doors of the elevator opened, complying to the direction that the male playfully pushed her in. Giving a small smile, she continued onward as he opened the door for her, tilting her head at the decor. Everything was so bright and clean…

And expensive looking.

Still, as Zelos said, he never denied being spoiled. The thought made her smile somewhat as she followed his example and removed her shoes at the door. She struggled somewhat with her boots—having to hop on one foot, in order to prevent herself from tripping right onto her face—but managed after a good minute or so.

Placing the boots down in the corner, she followed him into the kitchen, pulling the sleeves of her hoodie more down so that they partially covered her hands. Mimi absentmindedly pulled at the fabric with her sharp teeth, watching him in silence before finally speaking up.

Wherever you want, I guess… Or wherever’s comfiest." Considering that she still had to tell him what occurred, she would prefer if they were both comfortably sitting down. "…the couch is fine with me." For some reason, she felt rather timid. Perhaps it was the conversation she knew she was going to eventually have with him?

Either way, the angel grabbed the bag of food and went over to the living room, placing it carefully onto the coffee table. Returning back to the kitchen, the grabbed some napkins and found some utensils for them to eat with. Smiling to herself, she neatly arranged everything on the table, so they could eat comfortably.

..there. All ready!

Zelos eventually made his way over with the drinks in his hands, giving the arrangement a glance before setting the cups down neatly, soda bottle off to the side. He sat down with a tired sigh, sliding out of his coat as he folded it up and tossed it behind him. For a moment he hesitated, hand slapping automatically over the now visible scar on his upper arm, he forgot he had some of these “decorating” his body. After the initial pause, Zelos’ mouth became a thin line, he couldn’t just go and lock himself up in his room… Zelos turned towards Mimi once more.

With a sheepish grin, Zelos shrugged, scratching the back of his head with the hand that had been covering the scar. He shrugged one shoulder “Still getting used to these, don’t mind me.” the man’s voice taut as he tried to calm himself. If she asked, he’d try and make it as simple as possible, although he wasn’t too sure what he’d say about the bite mark that lay partially exposed a little ways off from his neck.

Zelos clasped his hands together with a clap “So~! Where do we start? I think we have everything set up.” with those words, Zelos remembered the empty cups, grabbing the soda with a “OH.” and filling the two glasses, handing one to Mimi. He didn’t wait to take a drink from his, it was partially out of thirst, and to temporarily subdue his urge to drink. 

"If you’re curious about the scars, maaaaybe I can let you in on a little bit of the story. Maybe.” Zelos teased, winking at Mimi. Not that he was proud of them, but if it helped make things easier, then hey, by all means.